Shipping Traffic Analysis and Risk Mitigation Measures for the West Coast of Haida Gwaii

Nuka Research analyzed commercial shipping traffic patterns off the west coast of Haida Gwaii and the potential success of various measures to prevent grounding.


Monitoring Reports

Monthly progress reports are now available below.


HG-VPZ-Annual Report 2022
Updated on 05/03/2023

2020 Haida Gwaii Emergency Towing Vessel Monitoring Report

Nuka Research analyzed the activities and locations of the two emergency towing vessels on patrol off the coast of British Columbia in 2020, and based on that year, how quickly they may respond to a drifting vessel in the Voluntary Protection Zone off the west coast of Haida Gwaii.

Updated on 01/14/2022

Voluntary Protection Zone for the West Coast of Haida Gwaii: Trial Evaluation 2020-2021

Nuka Research conducted a vessel traffic study to support the Project Committee to evaluate the results of the initial 14-month trial Voluntary Protection Zone.


Updated on 12/16/2022